Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Legos Super Heroes Review

People young and old across the globe have loved Legos for generations. Why? Because they're loads of fun, of course! The complexity and number of structures that can be built with those colorful little interlocking pieces is limited only by your little one's imagination. On top of that, anything he or she builds can instantly be taken apart and built into something entirely different.

Legos are so popular that they've spawned numerous feature films, building competitions, games, and even six theme parks! 

One of this year's most wished-for gifts will be the Super Heroes line of Legos. They're expected to be so sought-after that Kmart has included them on their 2014 "Fab15" hot toy list and WalMart has included them on their 2014 Holiday Toy list.

The Super Heroes Legos line features both Marvel Comics characters and DC Comics characters and currently includes at least 23 different play sets.  Kmart has predicted that nine of those sets will be especially popular this year:
  1. LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Man™: Daily Bugle Showdown Review: It's up to Spider-Man to save the day when the Daily Bugle is attacked. With this set, you can build the Daily Bugle newspaper office (complete with a dumpster) and a jet. Five mini figures with their accessories are included.
  2. LEGO Super Heroes Doc Ock Truck Heist Review: Doctor Octopus tries to rob the money truck, but first he has to deal with Spider-Man. This set builds a money truck with accessories and an exploding roof. Three mini figures are included.
  3. LEGO Super Heroes Batman™: Man-Bat Attack Review: Batman fights  Man-Bat to save Nightwing. This set builds the Batcopter and Nightwing's glider. It includes three mini figures.
  4. LEGO Super Heroes Batman™: The Joker Steam Roller Review: Batman, Batgirl, and Robin battle to keep the Joker and his goon from destroying everything in their path with their evil steam roller. Build the steam roller and the Batwing with this set. Includes five mini figures.
  5. LEGO Super Heroes Batman™: The Riddler Chase Review: Batman hops in his Batmobile to chase The Riddler in his dragster after The Riddler robs Gotham City. If Batman needs help, he can always call The Flash. Construct the Batmobile and the dragster with this set. Three mini figures are included.
  6. LEGO Super Heroes Batman™ The Penguin Face-off Review: Scuba Batman battles The Penguin to recover a stolen diamond. This set lets you build Batman's scuba vehicle and The Penguin's duck boat. Accessories and two mini figures are also included.
  7. LEGO Superman™: Battle of Smallville Review: Superman has to defend Smallville from the Kryptonians. Build the Kryptonian Black Zero Dropship and Colonel Hardy's off road vehicle. Five mini figures plus accessories are included.
  8. LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man™: Extremis™ Sea Port Battle Review: Iron Man and War Machine must defeat Killian and his mighty speedboat. Build the speedboat and exploding buoy. Accessories and three mini figures included.
  9. LEGO Super Heroes The Bat vs. Bane™ Tumbler Chase Review. Batman rides high in the Bat to rescue Commissioner Gordon, who is being chased by Bane in the armored Tumbler. Build the Bat and the Tumbler with this set. Accessories and three mini figures are included.
If you know a Lego fan, then you know someone who would love to find a Lego Super Heroes play set (or two) under the Christmas tree this year! Be sure to order early to make sure that your favorites don't run out before you get the one you want.

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