Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Doc McStuffins Sleepy-time Lambie Review

As Doc McStuffins' little friend Lambie likes to say, "You need a cuddle!" 

Many parents have found that bedtime can be much less stressful for youngsters when they have a soft, huggable toy to snuggle with. Doc McStuffins Sleepy-time Lambie makes the perfect bedtime buddy- she's soft, sweet, and she loves to cuddle. It is expected to be so sought-after that Kmart has included it on their 2014 Fab15 hot toy list and WalMart has included it on their 2014 Holiday Toy list.

In the Doc McStuffins show, Lambie is a very sweet, kind character who can sometimes get her feelings hurt, but who likes to make others feel better. When someone doesn't feel good, she will often get worried about them and give them a cuddle to cheer them up.

She loves to hug everyone, but she doesn't like dogs. She loves to dance ballet, and dreams of being a lamb ballerina one day. She likes fashion shows, having tea parties, and pretending to be a princess. She's very friendly, but she's also a little bit shy. As you might expect, her favorite color is pink (but she doesn't like polka dots). 

Depending on her mood, she can walk on all fours or stand up on just two. Like many little ones, she doesn't like broccoli or things that make her sad.

She's the Doc's best buddy, but she's also friends with some of the other characters on the show- especially Stuffy, Chilly, Hallie, and Squeakers.

The Doc McStuffins Sleepy-time Lambie talks and sings sweetly to help soothe your little one to sleep. She's wearing a pink bow on her head and pink pajamas with (what else?) lambs on them. When she sings, her pretty bow lights up.

Reviews of Lambie have been very positive. One mom said that even though her daughter has dozens of stuffed animals, Lambie goes with her everywhere. An aunt said that her niece couldn't put her down. Another said that her little one's face lit up when she heard Lambie talk.

Sleepy-time Lambie is recommended for children ages three and older. She requires two AA batteries (included).

Like most of the Doc McStuffins characters, Lambie is very popular and is expected to be in high demand this Christmas. In fact, the Sleepy-time Lambie was even named to Kmart's "Fab 15" list of popular toys for 2014, so it's very likely to be a top seller. 

If you have a Doc McStuffins fan who would like to have a soft little friend to cuddle with at bedtime, consider going ahead and ordering one now to make sure you don't miss out when Christmas gets here.
Sweet dreams, little one!        

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